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Asia On Track provides an astute analysis of every one of the band’s studio albums, key live releases, compilations and related projects, making it a comprehensive guide to the music of an undervalued and ever-changing band.
John Wetton, Geoff Downes, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer had played with the likes of King Crimson, Yes and ELP and they certainly lived up to the supergroup tag. Asia’s self-titled debut album went to number one on the US charts, hit the top twenty in the UK and sold over ten million copies worldwide. Asia were all over MTV; they had a sold-out world tour, enjoyed several hit singles and a Grammy nomination.
Line-up changes abounded over the band’s first few years with Howe departing and Wetton leaving and rejoining. Geoff Downes kept the flame alive with vocalist / bassist John Payne from 1991 to 2005, until the original line up reunited in 2006. They continued, basking in the newfound respect accorded them by both the media and fans, until Wetton’s sad passing in 2017.
Peter Braidis is a graduate of Rutgers University in History and Journalism. He currently works in education at Rohrer Middle School in Haddon Township, New Jersey and for the Major League baseball team, The Philadelphia Phillies. Music is his passion, along with a nice plate of gnocchi. A very young Peter bought the debut album from Asia in 1982 and the love for the band has never ceased. He has written on sports and music for the Philadelphia Inquirer, several magazines and authored the book Unstrung Heroes: Fifty Guitar Greats You Should Know. 
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