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Format: cd
Artist: Paul Cusick
CatNo: Q60002
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Paul Cusick Pdice CD
Multi-instrumentalist Paul Cusick's second album 'P'dice' features PC performing alongside drumming royalty, Gavin Harrison and Marco Minnemann.
Cusick's artful compositions combine the song-craft of Radiohead and Coldplay with the Rock atmospherics of Airbag, OSI and Porcupine Tree, producing a distinctly melodic and personal music with an edge.
'A fabulous album.' - Sea Of Tranquility 5/5
1. Everything (5:01)
2. God, Paper, Scissors (5:24)
3. Borderlines (11:36)
4. Tears (6:24)
5. You Know (7:06)
6. Hindsight (4:44)
7. Feel This Way (5:07)
8. When It Rains (4:28)
9. Waiting (6:32)