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Format: CD
Artist: Paul Simon
CatNo: 19658779112
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Paul_Simon Seven_Psalms CD

A 33-minute, seven-movement composition recorded entirely on acoustic instruments, Seven Psalms is unlike anything Paul Simon has previously released.

Highlighting Simon's guitar and voice, the album is a stunning, intricately layered, work with a meditative, almost hymnal soundscape.

Simon’s lyrics provide the gravitational centre for constellations of sound (including choral elements from the highly-regarded British vocal ensemble VOCES8, and a beautiful vocal appearance by Edie Brickell).

A quietly moving musical experience which uncovers a wealth of subtle details with every repeated listen.

The record’s tone is complemented by its artwork, which features a close-up extract of “Two Owls” by the celebrated landscape artist Thomas Moran.


1. The Lord
2. Love Is Like A Braid
3. My Professional Opinion
4. Your Forgiveness
5. Trail Of Volcanoes
6. The Sacred Harp
7. Wait