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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Pattern-Seeking Animals
CatNo: 19658834131
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Pattern-Seeking_Animals Spooky_Action_at_a_Distance 2LP
Pattern-Seeking Animals is a pioneering prog rock force, consistently pushing the boundaries of musical exploration. Comprising John Boegehold, Ted Leonard, Dave Meros, and Jimmy Keegan, the band continues to captivate audiences with its intricate compositions and emotive storytelling. 
Evocative, cinematic and powerful, Spooky Action at a Distance finds PSA approaching new soundscapes and topics. 
2 x 180g LP in gatefold (with 2 live bonus tracks from ProgStock 2022).
1 The Man Made of Stone 7:01 
2 Window to the World 3:58 
3 What Awaits Me 5:22 
1 He Once Was 12:17 
2 Underneath the Orphan Moon 3:53 
3 Clouds That Never Rain 5:17 
1 Bulletproof 4:17 
2 Somewhere North of Nowhere 6:46 
3 Summoned From Afar 7:33 
4 Love Is Still the Light 4:42 
1 There Goes My Baby 3:50 
2 Orphans of the Universe (Live at ProgStock 2022) 10:39 
3 Elegant Vampires (Live at ProgStock 2022) 4:27