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Artist: Patrick Chapman
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Patrick Chapman David Cronenberg On Screen book
David Cronenberg On Screen presents a thorough analysis of Cronenberg's extraordinary career, from his early, experimental shorts and body-horror explorations, to commercial success with The Fly and Dead Ringers, and on to his celebrated and sometimes controversial literary adaptations. 
The book also considers his excursions as an actor; key collaborators; television and advertising; and his new phase as a novelist. Cronenberg’s recurring themes are explored along the way: psychological transformation revealed in physical mutation, disease as an agent of change, violence, alternative sexualities, and the viral nature of desire. In our hyper-connected world of pandemic fear and mutable identities, the films of David Cronenberg are as relevant as ever.
Patrick Chapman is an Irish writer, whose books include Open Season on The Moon and Anhedonia. He has also written audio plays for Doctor Who, Dan Dare and The Space Race, much television for children and an award-winning short film, Burning the Bed. He also co-founded poetry magazine The Pickled Body. He lives in Dublin.