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Format: CD
Artist: Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell
CatNo: DiN56
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Parallel Worlds Dave Bessell Dystopia Electronica Node CD
The second collaboration between Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell (Node) offers a dark, dynamic and foreboding sound world. 
Bessell quotes the Neuromancer by William Gibson as a major influence on the album. Bakis Sirros weaves intricate modular rhythms that seem to squirm and writhe underneath vast slabs of analogue chords, while Bessell introduces some fleeting guitar work as well as his adventurous analogue physical modelling sound design. 
Inhabiting a netherworld between Dark Electronica and Progressive Synth, Dystopia is a unique sonic adventure.
01 Cipher   6:39
02 Filament   9:49   
03 Underclouds   6:55  
04 Into The Distance   8:48   
05 Forest Of Stars    8:54  
06 Mutagen   5:36   
07 Devoid   3:49   
08 Mycelium   10:01