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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Paradise Lost
CatNo: VILELP956
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Paradise Lost Gothic EP Vinyl Peaceville
Originally released in 1994, Paradise Lost's Gothic EP combined the tracks from the 1990 In Dub two track 12" release with alternate studio remixes /re-arrangements of two tracks from the band’s Gothic studio album (1991). 
Presented on vinyl for the first time, this edition features design-work from the original 1994 CD version.
Creators, pioneers and purveyors of the whole Gothic Doom Metal scene which subsequently came to prominence in the early 1990s, Britain’s Paradise Lost rose from humble Northern roots to become one of the UK’s leading artists in the Metal genre throughout the decade and beyond, remaining as relevant and revered as ever to this day after a career spanning over three decades. 
The band's first two albums were released on Peaceville, in the shape of 1990's influential deathly debut Lost Paradise, followed up by the more atmosphere-focussed genre classic, Gothic in 1991.
1 Gothic (Mix)
2 Rotting Misery (Doom Dub)
1 Breeding Fear (Demolition Dub)
2 The Painless (Mix)