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Pallas Eyes_In_The_Night Boxset
A 6CD/1Blu-Ray anthology celebrating the work of Neo-Prog legends Pallas between 1981-1986.
Features the albums Arrive Alive, The Sentinel (produced by Eddy Offord and originally released on the Harvest label), The Wedge, the Knightmoves EP, singles, a BBC recording of the band’s 1983 Reading Festival performance, a 1984 Friday Rock Show session and much more.
The set also includes an illustrated booklet with an essay by Pallas expert Mike Bentley and a poster.
Arrive Alive Released in 1981
1  5 to 4
2  Queen of the Deep
3  Flashpoint
4  Heart Attack
5  Crown of Thorns
6  The Ripper
Bonus tracks
7 Arrive Alive (A-side of single 1982)
8  Stranger on the Edge of Time (B-side of single 1982)
Pallas at the BBC & more 
1 Paris is Burning (A-side of single 1983)
2  The Hammer Falls (B-side of single 1983)
Live Reading Festival 1983
3  Cut and Run
4 Ark of Infinity
5 Arrive Alive
6 Atlantis
Friday Rock Show 1983
7  Cut and Run
8  Shock Treatment
9  Rise and Fall / Heart Attack
The Sentinel UK Album mix Released in 1984
1  Eyes in the Night (Arrive Alive)
2  Cut and Run
3  Rise and Fall
4  Shock Treatment
5  Ark of Infinity
6  Atlantis
Bonus tracks
7  East West
8  Crown of Thorns
9  March on Atlantis
10 Heart Attack
The Sentinel US Album mix Released in the USA in 1984 
1  Eyes in the Night (Arrive Alive)
2  Cut and Run
3  Rise and Fall
4  Shock Treatment
5  Ark of Infinity
6  Atlantis
The Wedge Released in 1986
1  Dance Through the Fire
2  Throwing Stones at the Wind
3  Win or Lose
4  The Executioner (Bernie Goetz A Gun)
5  A Million Miles Away (Imagination)
6  Ratracing
7  Just a Memory
Bonus tracks
8  Stranger
9  Nightmare
10  Sanctuary
11  Mad Machine
12  A Stitch in Time
13  Throwing Stones at the Wind (single mix)
Live at Ritzy’s, Aberdeen 22nd October 1985
1  Dance Through the Fire
2  Cut and Run
3  Shock Treatment
4  Ratracing
5  Throwing Stones at the Wind
6  Executioner
7  Just a Memory
8  Crown of Thorns
9  A Million Miles Away (Imagination)
10  Sanctuary
Live from London
The Camden Palace 20th May 1985
1  Shock Treatment
2  Crown of Thorns
3  Cut and Run
4  A Million Miles Away (Imagination)
5  Nightmare
6  Dinosaur
7  Sanctuary / Atlantis
8  Stranger
9  Eyes in the Night (Arrive Alive)
Bonus content
10  Eyes in the Night (promo video 1984)