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Format: cd
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
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The  Ozrics remix album, now in mid-price digipak.
In 1999, many of the Ozric's key tunes were remixed by the cream of the dance industry, including Will White (Propellerheads), Youth, System 7, Sparky Lightbourne and Space Raiders from the UK's legendary dance label Skint. 
The Ozric Tentacles have always provided a perfect bridge between rock and dance music, with fans of both relating to their unique combination of rhythmic grooves, intricate guitars and throbbing bass.
"Leave it to those crazy Brit kids. After years of venturing glorified computer programmers and tape splicers as part of the rave, house and dance music scenes, they've discovered the progressive instrumental rock of Ozric Tentacles" - Creative Loafing USA
1. Eat Static Strangeitude 
2. Zion Train Eternal Wheel 
3. Hallucinogen Pteranodon 
4. Dj Bnx Meander 
5. Youth Sploosh 
6. Will White Wobglass 
7. Space Raiders Afroclonk 
8. Sparky Lightbourne Neurochasm 
9. System 7 Sunhair