Price: £7.99
Format: cd
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMACDX1108
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ozric tentacles waterfall cities electronica psychedelic cd
A 2018 Madfish label mid-price digipak reissue of Ozric Tentacles’ 1999 studio release, Waterfall Cities.
Containing an explosion of keyboards, acid squelches and blistering guitar passages, Waterfall Cities was considered a giant leap forward for the Ozrics, taking a more obvious step into Electronica influenced territory, whilst still managing to retain the band's unique sound.
CD in digipak with 4 page booklet.
1. Coily [07:19]
2. Xingu [07:27]
3. Waterfall City [11:03]
4. Ch'Ai? [05:03]
5. Spiralmind [11:40]
6. Sultana Detrii [09:17]
7. Aura Borealis [05:40]