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Format: CD
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: KSCOPE761
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Ozric_Tentacles The_Hidden_Step CD Ed_Wynne Kscope Remaster
The Hidden Step (2000), was the ninth studio album from Ozric Tentacles.
Their last to include bassist Zia Ahmad Geelani and drummer "Rad" (Conrad Prince), it was also the first Ozrics album to not feature a cover by Blim (the cover art, by guitarist Edward Wynne, features his cat Pixel). 
Incorporating new sounds, the band entered the new millennium with confidence and style. 
2023 CD edition featuring a 2020 Ed Wynne remaster.
1. Holohedron [5:48] 
2. The Hidden Step [7:47] 
3. Ashlandi Bol [6:06] 
4. Aramanu [5:58] 
5. Pixel Dream [6:21] 
6. Tight Spin [8:51] 
7. Ta Khut [8:23]