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Format: cd
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMACDX1152 deleted
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ozric tentacles strangeitude cd ed wynne
Mid-price edition of the classic 1991 album from the Ozrics (using the 2010 remaster).
CD in digipak with 4-page booklet.
Strangeitude featured the band’s first single, Sploosh! which reached number 1 in the UK independent chart. The album serves well as an opener to the band's world, with a leaning towards their techno influences blended in with jazz, psychedelic rock and dub. 
1. White Rhino Tea [05:55]
2. Sploosh! [06:22]
3. Saucers [07:32]
4. Strangeitude [07:32]
5. Bizarre Bazaar [04:07]
6. Space Between Your Ears [07:48]
7. Live Throbbe [07:16]
8. Weirditude [05:13]