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Please note the remaining copies have small creases to the top of the sleeve. Sold as seen, no returns.
For the first time on vinyl, the Ozric’s Psychedelic-Techno masterpiece Pyramidion (alongside four live recordings of the band). 
Limited green vinyl edition in non-gatefold sleeve.
“Much more than just a homage to those hippy bands of the 1970s; they are doing for real what those bands gave the impression of being but never really were.” - NME
Originally planned as a single, the Pyramidion (2001) eventually became the sister release to the studio album The Hidden Step (2000), and was such a success that it remained in the band's live set. 
The song was released as an EP with four live tracks recorded with high-quality equipment at Sheffield's The Boardwalk, which was something fans had been requesting for almost a decade; the last live release being the Ozrics' 1992 Live Underslunky
1. Pyramidion [6:21]
2. Xingu (live) [7:41]
3. Aramanu (live) [5:49]
1. Pixel Dream (live) [12:12]
2. Sultana Detrii (live) [9:18]