Price: £7.99
Format: cd
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMACDX1110
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Ozric Tentacles Live Underslunky Ambient Psychedelic live cd
A 2018 Madfish label mid-price digipak reissue of Ozric Tentacles’ 1992 live album, Live Underslunky.
The band's justified reputation as a skilled jamming band is much in evidence as is its famously tight rhythm section. The recordings on Live Underslunky are untainted by studio embellishments, and possess an organic and spontaneous feel. 
CD in digipak with 4 page booklet.
1. Dots Thots (live) [07:54]
2. Og-Ha-Be (live) [09:28]
3. Erpland (live) [05:32]
4. White Rhino Tea (live) [05:48]
5. Bizarre Bazaar (live) [04:04]
6. Sunscape (live) [07:50]
7. Erpsongs (live) [03:49]
8. Snakepit (live) [03:22]
9. Kick Muck (live) [05:18]
10. O-I (live) [04:59]
11. Ayurvedic (live) [14:46]