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Format: CD
Artist: OSI
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OSI Blood 2023 reissue 2CD

A 2023 Metal Blade Records reissue of the brilliant third album from OSI, featuring Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), Kevin Moore (Dream Theater, Chroma Key) and Gavin Harrison on drums throughout.

The album also features guest appearances from Mikael Åkerfeldt (on Stockholm) and Tim Bowness (on the hard-hitting No Celebrations).

Double CD.


1. The Escape Artist

2. Terminal

3. False Start

4. We Come Undone

5. Radiologue

6. Be The Hero

7. Microburst Alert

8. Stockholm (feat. Mikael Åkerfeldt)

9. Blood



1. No Celebrations (feat. Tim Bowness)

2. Christian Brothers (Elliot Smith Cover)

3. Terminal (Endless)