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Opeher Goodwin tells the tale of every track and every facet of a remarkable record.
Arguably the most fascinating album by the best band ever, The Beatles - also known as The White Album - proved to be a watershed recording heralding changes of style and the falling apart of a previously tight-knit group.
This extraordinary double album reflects a turbulent period. As the 1960s came to an end, so too did the band. As always, The Beatles mirrored the times they lived in.
Opher Goodwin is the author of many books on rock music and science fiction and taught the first 'History of Rock Music' classes in the UK. He was fortunate to spend the sixties in London, the epicentre for the underground explosion of rock music and culture, where he was able to see everyone from Pink Floyd, Hendrix and Cream to The Doors, Captain Beefheart and Roy Harper. He was introduced to Captain Beefheart in 1967 and attended that first amazing gig at Middle Earth. He never fully recovered but now lives happily in East Yorkshire, UK.