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Artist: Opera IX
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The Call of the Wood Opera ix Peaceville cd
Opera IX are a symphonic black metal band formed in Italy by guitarist Ossian and released their debut album 'The Call of the Wood' in 1995.
The band's sound moves beyond straight-forward black metal, mixing elements of thrash, doom and death metal with symphonic elements, even folk influences. The band is known for their strong occult themes blended with topics of paganism. They are also known for being one of the first examples of a black metal band with a female vocalist.
'The Call of the Wood' was the band's debut album from 1995. It was a bombastic introduction to Opera IX's superb brand of experimental occult black metal. Raw, but with sweeping gothic symphonic passages, bringing to mind Cradle of Filth. 
This album was also the introduction for many to the enigmatic Cadaveria on vocals, a unique entity in the field of black metal. 
This edition features 2 bonus tracks in the shape of  "Born in the Grave" taken from the "Triumph of death" EP & "Rhymes about Dying Stones" a track originally featured on "Demo 92" but re-recorded in November 1993.
1. Alone In The Dark
2. Esteban's Promise
3. The Call Of The Wood
4. Al Azif
5. Sepulcro
6. Born In The Grave
7. Rhymes About Dying Stones