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Format: Boxset
Artist: Oliver Wakeman
CatNo: ELR003
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Oliver Wakeman Collaborations 3CD Steve Howe Gordon Giltrap
Oliver Wakeman's Collaborations is a 3CD Box Set including re-issues of The 3 Ages of Magick (with Steve Howe) and Ravens & Lullabies (with Gordon Giltrap).
The set includes remastered versions of both albums, with bonus tracks plus the previously unreleased acoustic live album, From a Stage (featuring music from Wakeman and Giltrap’s many years of performing together across the UK).
The package features a 16-page booklet and individual art prints of the sleeves.
In 2001, many years before he became a member of Yes, Oliver and guitarist Steve Howe worked together on the The 3 Ages of Magick. Supplemented by an array of talented musicians, this album became a hidden gem in the Yes family tree of recordings. 
Following his tenure with Yes (from 2008 to 2011), Oliver teamed up with another British guitar legend, Gordon Giltrap, to record the award winning Ravens & Lullabies, a collection of rock and acoustic tracks featuring the singers Paul Manzi (Sweet) and Benoit David (Yes).
The 3 Ages of Magick with Steve Howe 
01 Ages of Magick
02 Mind over Matter
03 The Forgotten King
04 The Storyteller
05 The Whale's Last Dance
06 Time Between Times
07 Flight of the Condor
08 Lutey and the Mermaid
09 Standing Stones
10 The Enchanter
11 The Healer
12 Through the Eyes of a Child
13 Hy Breasail
Bonus Tracks 
14 Hit 'n Myth
15 The Faerie Ring
16 Dream Weaver (The Storyteller demo)
Ravens & Lullabies with Gordon Giltrap
01 Moneyfacturing
02 Fiona's Smile
03 From the Turn of a Card
04 LJW
05 Maybe Tomorrow
06 Wherever There Was Beauty
07 Is This the Last Song I Write?
08 A Mayfair Kiss
09 Anyone Can Fly
10 A Perfect Day
11 Credit Carnival
12 One for Billie
13 Ravens Will Fly Away
Bonus Tracks
14 Praeludium (from the Well Tempered Clavier)
15 The Forgotten King
16 Roots
17 The Wedding Approaches (Instrumental)
From A Stage (unreleased live recordings with Gordon Giltrap)
01 Nature's Way
02 Wherever There Was Beauty 
03 Elizabethan Pirates
04 Glimmer of Light
05 Isabella's Wedding
06 Maybe Tomorrow
07 If You're Leaving
08 Dodo's Dream
09 Picture of a Lady
10 Anyone Can Fly
11 Lutey and the Mermaid 
12 Roots
13 Mother's Ruin
14 Ravens Will Fly Away 
15 Heartsong