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Format: cd
Artist: Oblivion Sun
CatNo: MVDA4648
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Oblivion Sun Oblivion Sun CD
Oblivion Sun is the latest project from Stanley Whitaker and Frank Wyatt, two thirds of America's legendary Canterbury-styled band, Happy The Man.
The band's self-titled debut album was originally released in 2007 and features lyrical, semi-improvised, solely instrumental music informed by Canterbury, Jazz and Progressive influences.
A lovely, organic sound with echoes of Happy The Man, Hatfield & The North, early Genesis, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Gong, XTC and more.
1. Fanfare (4:41)
2. The Ride (5:07)
3. Noodlepoint (3:51)
4. Catwalk (7:40)
5. No Surprises (3:36)
6. Re:Bootsy (3:28)
7. Chapter 7.1 (3:35)
8. Tales Of Young Whales (5:53)
9. Golden Feast (6:45)


Stanley Whitaker / vocals, guitars
Frank Wyatt / keyboards, saxophones
Bill Plummer / keyboards, Moog synthesiser
Dave DeMarco / bass guitar
Chris Mack / drums