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Artist: Nosound
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The musical soundtrack to Nosound's the World Is Outside dvd, containing three songs from the band?s debut performance, three Ambient pieces and several outtakes from the Sol 29 sessions.
This new download release contains all the music from the dvd, plus Idea14, a short instrumental available only on this release, and two songs, 'The Red Song' and 'The World Is Outside', in their original mixes. 
As with its dvd equivalent, The World Is Outside download provides a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the band.
This download includes printable artwork.
Live tracks:
Idle End (9:55)
Sol29 (6:49)
The Moment She Knew (10:01)
Unreleased videos:
Contempling Neptune (3:01)
Contempling Mars (2:37)
Contempling Moon (3:23)
Sol29 outtakes:
The Red Song (4:00)
Idae14 (3:24)
The World Is Outside (5:17) 
Giancarlo Erra: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Paolo Martellacci: keyboards, vocals
Gabriele Savini: acoustic guitars
Alessandro Luci: bass
Mario Damico: drums
Grazia Mase: guest on backing vocals
Live tracks recorded 1/5/2005 at Stazione Birra, Rome,
direct stereo on dat, no fixes/overdubs
mixed and produced at Nosound studio by Giancarlo Erra
mastered by Giancarlo Erra and Alessandro Giordani at Synchronia Studio