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Format: CD
Artist: Nosound
CatNo: KSCOPE621
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Nosound Lightdark Remastered CD
A 2018 remastered Kscope label reissue of Nosound’s breakthrough second studio album from 2008.
Highlights include the 15 minute epic From Silence to Noise, the ethereal The Misplay (with cellist Marianne DeChastelaine), and the epic piano/mellotron driven ballad Someone Starts To Fade Away (featuring guest vocals from No-Man's Tim Bowness).
CD in digipak with a 12-page booklet.
“They fascinate with their atmospheric concentration and complex structures.”  - Classic Rock (DE)
"There really is no other way to describe Lightdark - other than exquisite.”  - Progression
1. About Butterflies And Children [03:08]
2. Places Remained [04:31]
3. The Misplay [04:34]
4. From Silence To Noise [15:40]
5. Someone Starts To Fade Away [08:58]
6. Kites [09:20]
7. Lightdark [08:45]
Bonus Tracks
8. Cold Afterall [06:22]
9. Like The Elephant [05:45]
10. You Said 'I Am..' [04:48]