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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Nosound
CatNo: KSCOPE951
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Nosound A Sense of Loss vinyl cd

A 2017 LP edition of Nosound's 2009 album A Sense Of Loss (released for the first time on vinyl).

A Sense Of Loss was Nosound's follow up to 2008's Lightdark and built on its predecessor's approach by introducing a more alternative post-rock element to th band's ever evolving sound.

Band leader Giancarlo Erra described the album as, "A move from the classic 'rock' approach used in Lightdark to a more unique sound, with influences from more contemporary alt and post rock." 

180g audiophile edition featuring a new 2017 master, two extra tracks and a bonus CD containing instrumental versions of tracks from the album. 

"Nosound has released another beautiful and impressive album. And although this is not 'happy' music, its unearthtly beauty makes A Sense Of Loss one of the finest releases of 2009" 9.5/10 DPRP

"Nosound's most accomplished recording" (4/5) Goldmine

Some Warmth Into This Chill
Fading Silently
Tender Calm
My Apology
Constant Contrast
Winter Will Come
The Slow Deceit
Fading Silently (alt - guitar solo)