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Artist: No-Man
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A collection of the demos written and recorded for 2001's Returning Jesus album.
This download album was originally issued as the third disc of Tonefloat's lavish Returning Jesus - The Complete Sessions vinyl release in 2005.
These alternate, and often very different, versions of Returning Jesus songs date from between 1994 and 1998 and comprise the creative groundwork for what was to become one of No-Man's most popular and critically acclaimed albums.
16bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. song about the heart - 22 february 1994 (2.47)
2. darkroom - alternate version, february 1998 (5.35)
3. like a child - august 1998 (4.08)
4. chelsea cap - alternate version, december 1997 (6.50)
5. lighthouse - demo, april 1994 (9.04)
6. slow it all down - long version, september 1998 (5.13)
7. all that you are - demo, september 1996 (4.37)

The audio is provided as a single ZIP file containing the tracks. Once downloaded, the files can be expanded using WinZip on a PC or Stuffit Expander on the Mac. Please note that there is no printable artwork for this release.