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Format: CD
Artist: No-Man
CatNo: HI-ART12
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No-Man Housewives CD Single Wild Opera Noman
The taster single from 'Wild Opera'.
A hypnotically bleak study of disillusion and wit's ends, with added spice courtesy of a Scanner re-mix and two tracks from "Wild Opera" outtakes box.
1. housewives hooked on heroin (4.39)  
2. hit the ceiling (3.05)  
3. housewives hooked on methadone (6.06)  
4. urban disco (3.17)  
5. where i'm calling from (3.40)
Tim Bowness - vocals, words 
Steven Wilson - instruments 
Ian Carr - trumpet (5) 
Robert Fripp - soundscapes (5) 
Scanner - production / remix (3) 
All songs by Bowness / Wilson