Price: £24.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Nodens Ictus
CatNo: KSCOPE1157
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Nodens_Ictus Spacelines Double_vinyl Ed_Wynne Remaster Kscope
A much sought after collection of blissful ambience from the rare first 2 cassette-only albums by Ozric Tentacles offshoot Nodens Ictus
Also includes live recordings (dating back to 1988) and two new tracks for the original project. 
Nodens Ictus explores ethereal, Tangerine Dream-like soundscapes using synths and samples, in contrast to the driving Space Rock which characterises the sound of their parent band. 
Double vinyl version remastered by Ed Wynne.
1. The Grove Of Selves [2:27] 
2. Spacelines [5:46] 
3. The Gong of Ra [5:19] 
1. Chickens in the Mist (live) [7:08] 
2. Toad in the Whole [1:47] 
3. Sharpening the Norm (live) [9:08] 
1. Way of the Wind [7:01] 
2. Atavista (live) [5:50] 
3. Aerial Procession [3:50] 
1. Sleeping Seas [3:41] 
2. Gopuram (live) [8:06]