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Sigur Ros

Valtari (cd / double lp with cd insert pre-order)

Described by the band as sounding like a 'slow motion avalanche', Valtari is a return to the gargantuan noise and drifting atmospherics of its classic 2002 album, ().

Available in both cd and double 180gm vinyl formats.

Pre-order for 28th May release.


ABC 1974 (double lp pre-order)

A recording taken from a WMMS radio broadcast of a Rush performance in Cleveland in 1974.

Recorded during the first ever Rush tour of the US in 1974, which was also one of the first with the band's enigmatic drummer/lyricist, Neal Peart.

ABC 1974 is a 180gm double black vinyl release, with gatefold packaging, featuring tracks from the band's debut and the then unreleased Fly By Night, as well as three previously unavailable pieces (Fancy Dancer, Garden Road and a cover of Larry Williams' Bad Boy).

A fascinating glimpse into the early work of a Progressive institution.

Pre-order for 16th April shipping.

Robert Wyatt

The End Of An Ear (cd pre-order)

Robert Wyatt's astonishing debut album from 1970 was an unusual amalgam of early loop manipulation, Free Jazz and Wyatt's idiosyncratic musical sensibility.

A 2012 remaster featuring a comprehensive booklet with sleeve notes.

Pre-order for 28th May release.


Light Up To Burn Out (cd pre-order)

Canadian trio River's adventurous blend of art rock, dream pop and roots influences is an engaging blend of the raw and the sophisticated, the gentle and the abrasive.

Part contemporary Americana a la Bon Iver, part post-punk experimental (Joy Division, Television) and part classic rock singer-songwriter, the band's self-produced debut is a testament to its singular vision.

"River's Sam Weber is an extraordinarily talented songwriter and arranger. Light Up to Burn Outââ,¬â"¢s offers expansive, gorgeous pieces that range from the cinematic to pulsing rock territory, and lyrics infused with deep wit and wisdom that reach far beyond his 19 years." - Anil Prasad, Guitar Player Magazine/Innerviews

Pre-order for 16th April shipping.

Ian Anderson

Thick A Brick 2 (cd/dvd)

Ian Anderson's ambitious follow-up to his seminal 1972 opus, Thick As A Brick comes as a special edition with CD, audio-visual DVD and 16-page booklet.

The DVD contains 5.1 surround mixes (by Steven Wilson), 24-bit stereo mix, videos covering the making of the album, interviews with the musicians and the lyric reading where Ian Anderson reads the lyrics in various settings.

The Burning Shed page features a brief making of video.

Shipping from Monday, April 2nd.

Dali's Car


Hugely respected for his innovative approach to the fretless bass and his groundbreaking work with Japan/Rain Tree Crow, Kate Bush, David Torn and others. Mick Karn died on the 4th of January, 2011.

Initiated by Peter Murphy, Karn's final work during his lifetime saw the unexpected resurrection of the duo's cult mid-1980s project, Dali's Car.

Conceived during the final months of Karn's life, the resulting 5 track EP features contributions from friends and regular musical collaborators Steve Jansen, Jakko M Jacsyzk and Theo Travis.

InGladAloneness is a glorious testament to a unique vision tragically cut short by illness.

Shipping from Thursday, April 5th.

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