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National_Health National_Health_Signed Vinyl
A small number of National Health's eponymous 1978 debut album, signed by Dave Stewart and taken from his personal archive. These rare promotional copies were specially banded in order to attract radio play in the USA. The sleeves are stickered and somewhat battered, but the music remains as good as ever!
Featuring Phil Miller (guitar), Dave Stewart (keyboards), Neil Murray (bass) and Pip Pyle (drums), with guest appearances by Alan Gowen (Minimoog, electric & acoustic piano), Amanda Parsons (vocals), Jimmy Hastings (woodwinds) and John Mitchell (percussion).
An essential item for Canterbury collectors.
Side One
1. Tenemos Roads (Dave Stewart) 14:43
2. Brujo (Alan Gowen) 10.19
Side Two
1. Borogoves (Excerpt From Part Two) (Dave Stewart) 4:16
2. Borogoves (Part One) (Dave Stewart) 6:37
3. Elephants (Alan Gowen / Dave Stewart) 14:37