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Format: CD
Artist: Nad Sylvan
CatNo: 19075989262
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Nad Sylvan Courting The Widow Steve Hackett cd

Released in 2015 Courting The Widow was Nad Sylvan's first solo album in 12 years.

A conceptual work containing the 22 minute tour-de-force To Turn The Other Side, the album features Sylvan alongside stellar names including Steve Hackett, Roine Stolt, Roger King, Doane Perry (Jethro Tull), Nick D'Virgilio and others.

"I suppose Courting The Widow is conceptual, and has a storyline running through most of the songs. But it's not actually about the widow in that title. It really concerns my stage persona, the Vampirate, and his journey on a ship, during which he does meet the widow in question." - Nad Sylvan
2019 mid-price CD edition in jewel case.
1 Carry Me Home (7:20)
2 Courting The Widow (6:14)
3 Echoes Of Ekwabet (9:41)
4 To Turn The Other Side (22:06)
5 Ship's Cat (5:05)
6 The Killing Of The Calm (5:34)
7 Where The Martyr Carved His Name (7:46)
8 Long Slow Crash Landing (6:45)