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Format: CD
Artist: My Dying Bride
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My Dying Bride Meisterwerk III cd
Marking 25 years of My Dying Bride, Meisterwerk III is a triple CD release containing classic tracks spanning the entirety of the band's career, plus unusual and rare numbers lifted from MDB's expansive catalogue.
This comprehensive release chronicles the MDB's early demos and formative studio recordings up to the band's acclaimed 2015 doom opus Feel the Misery. It also includes the sombre atmospherics of the orchestral Evinta, and the band's unique cover versions of tracks by the likes of Portishead (plus the traditional English ballad Scarborough Fair). 
A 3 CD set presented in a digipak with a 16 page colour booklet with cover artwork courtesy of Matthew Vickerstaff.
CD 1:
1 Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (Demo 1991)
2 The Crown Of Sympathy
3 The Grief Of Age (Demo 1991)
4 A Kiss To Remember
5 Grace Unhearing (Portishell Remix)
6 For You
7 Unreleased Bitterness
8 Sear Me III
9 Follower
CD 2: 
2 Vast Choirs (Demo 1991)
3 She Is The Dark
4 Catching Feathers (Demo 1991)
5 Two Winters Only
6 Your River
7 Some Velvet Morning
8 Roads
9 My Hope, The Destroyer
CD 3:
1 The Wreckage Of My Flesh
2 Feel The Misery
3 Deeper Down (Uberdoom Edit) 
4 Kneel Till Doomsday
5 She Heard My Body Dying
6 Bring Me Victory 
7 To Remain Tombless
8 Seven Times She Wept
9 The Manuscript
10 Scarborough Fair
11 I Almost Loved You