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Artist: Mortem
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Mortem Ravnsvart Peaceville CD
Bringing together members of ArcturusMayhemThorns, and 1349 for a masterwork of haunting Black Metal, Peaceville proudly presents the 2019 debut studio album of the reformed Norwegian legends Mortem
CD in jewel case with 12-page booklet.
Formed by Marius Vold and Steinar Sverd Johnsen in 1989, Mortem was one of the first Black Metal bands to crawl out of the woodwork in Norway, releasing the highly coveted and brutal Slow Death demo, with Euronymous and Dead of Mayhem acting as producer and cover artist respectively. 
After the release of Slow Death, the band was laid to rest with members going on to form and feature in acclaimed titans such as Arcturus and Thorns, both of which would become mainstays in the Black Metal scene and beyond.
In a moment of nostalgia - plus a desire for something more brutal beyond the current vessel of Arcturus - the corpse of Mortem was revived and the unholy duo of Marius and Steinar joined forces once more. 
The long-awaited album - Ravnsvart - possesses the same raw brutality and spirit as the original incarnation, plus fresh elements that are uniquely woven into the fabric of the early sounds of Scandinavian Black Metal, and crafted into a masterpiece of sinister horror. 
Joining the duo is Hellhammer from the legendary Mayhem on drums and Tor Stavenes of 1349/Svart Lotus on bass. 
1 Ravnsvart 
2 Sjelestjeler 
3 Blood Horizon 
4 Mørkets Monolitter 
5 Truly Damned 
6 Demon Shadow 
7 Port Darkness 
8 The Core