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Format: vinyl
Artist: Mogwai
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Mogwai Post-Rock Vinyl Every Countrys Sun
Post-Rock Gods Mogwai return with their ninth studio album.
Recorded with renowned producer Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips) in New York State, the album takes two decades of Mogwai's signature sounds and distills them into 56 minutes of gracious elegance and hymnal trance-rock, and transcendental euphoria.
Double 180g vinyl in gatefold cover edition. Includes download code.
1. Coolverine
2. Party in The Dark
3. Brain Sweeties
4. Crossing The Road Material
5. aka 47
6. 20 Size
7. 1000 Foot Face
8. Don't Believe The Fife
9. Battered At A Scramble
10. Old Poisons
11. Every Country's Sun