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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Oldfield & Friends
CatNo: AV2018103
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Mike_Oldfield Nineteen_73 CD

A digitally remastered UK radio broadcast from 1973 featuring a complete performance of Tubular Bells.

Mike Oldfield is joined by Steve Hillage, Kevin Ayers, Fred FrithPierre Moerlen, John Greaves and others.

1. Show Introduction  .14
2. Tubular Bells Part One  28.03
3. Tune Up  .31
4. Tubular Bells Part Two  24.41
5. The Sailor's Hornpipe  2.36
Tubular Bells Part One:
Mike Oldfield - Lowery Organ, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Mandolin.
David Bedford - Grand Piano, Accordian, Organ, Choir Master, String Arrangement.
John Greaves - Farfisa Organ, Electric Piano, Tin Whistle
Fred Frith - Electric and Bass Guitars
Tim Hodginson - Organ, Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes
Mick Taylor - Electric Guitar
Steve Hillage - Electric Guitar
Pierre Moerlen - Glockenspiel, Timpani, Tubular Bells, Gongs, Cymbals, Tam Tam
Steve Broughton - Drums
John Leig - Flute
John Field - Flute
Terry Oldfield - Flute
Tom Newman - Nasal Chorus
Girly Chorus (12 total Including; Sally Oldfield and Mundy Ellis)
Plus On Tubular Bells Part two and the Sailor's Hornpipe:
Ted Speight - Electric Guitar
Kevin Ayers - Bass
Vulpy - Viola
Nick Haley - Violin
Ashley Mason - Viola
Simon Ingram Hill - Cello and Organ
Janet Townley - Violin