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Format: Vinyl
Artist: My Dying Bride
CatNo: VILELP39_del
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Turn Loose the Swans My Dying Bride mdb vinyl Peaceville
Originally released on Peaceville in Oct 93, and recorded in the wee dark hours at the band's home from home, Academy Studios in Yorkshire, the album saw the arrival of long time session musician and classically trained violin and piano player Martin Powell. 
The album also saw the band stretching and pushing the grandiose textures and epic doom dynamics.  Fans and critics have since hailed the album as the blueprint for the new Gothic Metal genre. 
180gms double black vinyl in gatefold sleeve. 
This edition is not numbered.


Side A
2. Your River
Side B
1. Songless Bird.
2. The Snow In My Hand
Side C
1. The Crown Of Sympathy
Side D
2. Turn Loose The Swans.
3. Black God