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Artist: My Dying Bride
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My Dying Bride The Light At The End Of The Worl Peaceville cd
One the biggest bands of the UK's current Doom Metal movement, My Dying Bride are hailed as pioneers of the new Gothic Metal genre and have toured with the likes of the mighty Iron Maiden as well as Cathedral & DIO. 
Originally released in 1999, 'The Light At The End Of The World' was MDB's sixth studio album, and marked a strong return to classic form after the line-up changes that haunted its predecessor, the wildly experimental '34.788%'.
'There's epic, there's grandiose & there's MDB' - Kerrang!
'Possibly their best album yet' - Metal Hammer.
  1. She Is The Dark
  2. Edenbeast
  3. The Night He Died
  4. The Light At The End Of The World
  5. The Fever Sea
  6. Into The Lake Of Ghosts
  7. The Isis Script
  8. Christliar
  9. Sear Me III