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Artist: Mazmoneth
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Mazmoneth Music By Mirrors CD
Mazmoneth is a new name for the duo of Nigel Mullaney and Ray Sherwin. The name of the former should be familiar to aficionados of the DiN label as he has co-operated with label boss Ian Boddy on the two Dub Atomica releases (Autonomic DiN4 | 1999 and Syntax DiNDDL04 | 2008) as well as with Boddy and Markus Reuter on the live album Triptych (DiN9 | 2001). 
Outside of DiN Mullaney is an experienced production music composer as well as a professional photographer.
Ray has had a long and varied musical career including early experimental bands Wilde Oats (with John Tempest and Billy Currie - of Ultravox fame) and Moonchild (who played support for Hawkwind). Later ventures saw him playing for two bands in Cairo as well as receiving a special commendation from the W. B. Yeats Society for recording and playing the instruments to a long poem with Celtic myth references.
In the early 90's Mullaney and Sherwin formed the band Best Before and their initial project was an album of deep relaxation music used in workshops for severely disabled children. This was followed by a more conventional album, "Best Before The End Of The World" (1995).
After a period of several years Ray and Nigel are back with a new project with a name change to Mazmoneth, for reasons which will remain unclear. "Music By Mirrors" contains 10 tracks in a continuous mix lasting 59 minutes. The music ranges from gorgeous ambient soundscapes to cool grooves with beguiling melodies (such as "Spooks" and "De Molay"). 
As well as contributing keyboard and guitar parts, Mullaney plays live drums, which provide a brilliant contrast to the lush electronics. 
1. The Vital Spark (2.53) 
2. Oil On Water (5.36) 
3.  Diablo (7.44)
4. Spooks (6.02)
5. Smoke And Mirrors (5.20)
6. De Molay (5.46)
7. Kali's Day Off (6.49)
8. Perfect Absolution (7.07)
9. In Vitro (5.10)
10. End Game (6.31)
All music composed, recorded & produced by Nigel Mullaney and Ray Sherwin in East Morton, West Yorkshire 2010 - 2011.
Mastered by Nigel Mullaney at Green End Studios, June 2011.
Nigel Mullaney:
Keyboards, guitars, drums, electric bass and vocals
Ray Sherwin:
Keyboards, guitars, mandolin, Tibetan singing bowls and vocals.