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Format: CD
Artist: Matthew Howes
CatNo: BNR-CD-001
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Matthew_Howes Love_and_Other_Demons CD The_Mighty_Handful
"For me, it’s much easier to express complex and difficult emotions in the abstract as songs than it is in person. In person I always worry that anything I espouse comes across as my concrete belief, but feelings are far more slippery than that. They’re not definitive and they are not easily articulated. They change. In song, I’m once removed. I can be changeable, but the song remains the same. Quicksilver preserved in amber.
So I’ll let the music do the talking. If it resonates and means something to you then you don’t need the details of my life to tell you how to feel.
And so, here we are. Love and Other Demons are real."  - Matthew Howes
CD in card wallet.
1. Human Is Human
2. Broken
3. She Starts Fires
4. Average Avenue
5. The Only One
6. Do I Look Like I Care?
7. Nights In Armour
8. Cold Concrete
9. Why We Were Lovers
10. The Smallest Love Song