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Artist: Matt Karpe
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Matt Karpe Nu Metal A Definitive Guide Book Slipknot Korn

Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide revisits one of the most remarkable eras of heavy music, when mainstream charts, magazines, radio, and TV were all taken over by a host of diverse artists performing their own brand of hard rock and heavy metal.

This book features an A-Z rundown of the movement’s most influential artists, from the main players such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Slipknot, and System Of A Down, to the lesser-known acts who may have only released one or two albums yet still made a lasting impact. It also looks at the new breed of bands coming through today who still share nu metal’s original aesthetics.

The book also includes exclusive interviews with musicians from some of the original movement’s most prominent acts (Coal Chamber, Kittie, Staind, Taproot, and more), plus informative essays on its record producers, including the highly respected Ross Robinson. The book also covers  the collaborations nu metal acts had with hip-hop artists, key nu metal movie soundtracks and a brief history of heavy metal itself as a genre. Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide is the most in-depth book ever to be released on this highly successful period in heavy metal’s lengthy history.

An avid music fan, author, and journalist, Matt Karpe has written for multiple print and online magazines over the last decade, including Powerplay, Rock & Metal Magazine and Down For Life. As well as publishing three books (We Own the Night: The Underground of the Modern American Hard Rock Scene, and two volumes of Nu Metal: Resurgence), he is also the creator of the nu metal dedicated zine, The Nu Zine and the owner of the independent record label, TNZ Records, which caters for up-and-coming artists in the modern nu metal scene. He lives in March, Cambridgeshire, UK.