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Format: DVD
Artist: Marvin Ayres / Peter Gomes
CatNo: bshed0704
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Marvin Ayres Peter Gomes Sensory Surround dvd
Sensory is a collaboration between composer Marvin Ayres and film maker Pete Gomes. Conceived specifically for DVD, it was intended to work as both a public space installation and as something that could be viewed domestically. Utilising electric cello and violin instrumentation, the music was composed using surround sound and subsequently mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1. 
Premiering at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in July 1999, Sensory lays claim to being the first DVD to be shown at the ICA. It was also recently screened at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London. 
The Ayres/Gomes filmic installations have been screened at prestigious events and galleries internationally. The Sensory DVD includes three films - Sensory, Cycle and Scape.  Each work is unique sonically and visually. Beautiful audio-visual environments using a mix of spatial acoustics and computer generated sequences. Multi dimensional spaces for contemplation, relaxation, escape, exploration, or possibly just wind down to.
An engaging and enveloping experience.
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