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Format: cd
Artist: Markus Reuter
CatNo: BS_147_CD
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cd Markus Reuter digitalis Centrozoon

Digitalis is an introduction to the unique sounds of Markus Reuter, who performs real-time compositions on the Warr Guitar, a tap-style 8-stringed instrument which is played less like a true "guitar" and more like a Chapman Stick.  Reuter is also known for his work with Ian Boddy and the Europa String Choir.  As a member of Centrozoon, he has recently collaborated with Tim Bowness.

1. Swallowed cold (05.42)
2. Toward the invisible world (01.00)
3. Forces tending to unbalance (07.08)
4. Into the invisible world (01.08)
5. The invisible world (03.24)
6. A massive glowing three-axis cross (05.13)
7. Demonic interference (03.22)
8. Radiating blackness (05.49)
9. Angelic interference (04.03)
10. Beyond the limit of the fire (04.10)
11. Whole (06.22)
12. Holy (15.08)
all tracks composed and performed in real-time by markus reuter.