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Format: CD
Artist: Mark Knopfler
CatNo: EMICD2113
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Mark_Knopfler One_Deep_River CD Dire_Straits
Mark Knopfler’s tenth solo studio album - One Deep River - features 12 slowly unfolding and elegant new additions to the MK canon.
Drawing on a lifetime of genre-crossing ingredients and influences (blues, folk, rock and beyond), Knopfler’s poetic storytelling lyrics and deft, richly melodic guitar playing are all present and as dazzling as ever.
1. Two Pairs Of Hands
2. Ahead Of The Game
3. Smart Money
4. Scavengers Yard
5. Black Tie Jobs
6. Tunnel 13
7. Janine
8. Watch Me Gone
9. Sweeter Than The Rain
10. Before My Train Comes
11. This One’s Not Going To End Well
12. One Deep River