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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mariusz Duda
CatNo: KSCOPE1167
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Mariusz Duda Lockdown Spaces Vinyl Kscope
Previously only available digitally via Bandcamp and within the Lockdown Trilogy CD boxset, Lockdown Spaces is now available on vinyl.
Recorded during a two week period in June 2020 at Serakos Studio, Warszawa, this contains some of Mariusz Duda’s darkest and most intimate work to date.
“The music is inspired, as the title suggests, by life in quarantine. It's a dark, minimalist, claustrophobic album, which came to my mind during recording sessions for Lunatic Soul. I decided that in order to intensify the "lockdown effect" I will play only electronic instruments here, with an addition of samples and voice.” Mariusz Duda
1. Isolated
2. Lockdown Spaces
3. Bricks
4. Waiting
1. Thought Invaders
2. Pixel Heart
3. Silent Hall
4. Unboxing Hope
5. Screensaver