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Artist: Mario Giammetti
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Mario Giammetti Genesis 1975 to 2021 Phil Collins
Genesis: 1975 to 2021 - The Phil Collins Years is the definitive biography of the later years of one of the world’s greatest bands. 
The book contains numerous exclusive interviews with band members and all of the important personalities who were part of the story of Genesis from 1975 onwards (including Ray Wilson who fronted the band for 1997’s Calling All Stations album and subsequent tour before the return of Phil Collins in 2007). The book covers the full story of the band extensively, taking readers through each album and tour. Additionally it features a number of previously unpublished photographs.
Kingmaker Publishing co-founder Greg Spawton comments, “We were delighted by the success of Genesis: 1967 to 1975 - The Peter Gabriel Years following its publication in May 2020. Like its predecessor, Genesis:  1975 to 2021 - The Phil Collins Years contains a wealth of details about the balance of Genesis’s career, many of which may well be unknown even to the most ardent fans of the band.”
’Surely no-one needs a new tome about the all-too familiar Genesis story? It appears they do! Mario’s fantastically detailed and engaging book offers fresh information and unique perspectives on the globe-trotting phenomenon that is / was Phil Collins’ Genesis.’ - Tim Bowness