Price: £13.29
Format: cd
Artist: Marillion
Availability: 23-03-2018
CatNo: 0212637EMU
Unplugged At The Walls is part of a limited edition series of releases that were previously only available via Marillion's own web store and features the band performing live in a restaurant in Oswestry in 1999.
A rare slice of Marillion magic that finds the band in a unique setting.
Double CD.
(Live in Oswestry)
CD 1: 
1. Beautiful 
2. Beyond You 
3. Afraid Of Sunrise
4. Runaway
5. Now She'll Never Know 
6. Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury 
7. The Space
8. Fake Plastic Trees 
9. Holloway Girl 
10. King
CD 2: 
1. Answering Machine 
2. Gazpacho 
3. Cannibal Surf Babe 
4. Blackbird 
5. Abraham, Martin And John 
6. Hooks In You 
7. Eighty Days