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Format: CD
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: SMACD1056
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2016 Madfish label budget reissue of Marillion's 11th studio album from 1999. was an early example of Marillion utilising the internet in a unique way, as the band asked for fans to send them passport pictures of themselves (732 of these were used to make up the artwork for the album).  
Five of the nine tracks were mixed by Steven Wilson.
Digipak edition.
1. A Legacy [6:16]
2. Deserve [4:23]
4. Rich [6:11]
5. Enlightened [5:43]
6. Built-in Bastard Radar [4:59]
7. Tumble Down The Years [4:52]
8. Interior Lulu [4:34]
9. House [15:14]