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Format: Boxset - vinyl
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: 0190295722951
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Marillion Brave Deluxe Steven Wilson Dave Meegan 5LP boxset

A deluxe 5LP boxset edition of Marillion's sprawling 1994 concept album, Brave, including a Steven Wilson stereo mix of the original album, and - for the first time ever - a complete recording of the band’s March 1994 performance in Paris.

The set includes illustrated booklets that recount the story behind the experiments that led to the album’s expansive atmospherics.

The live music comes from Marillion’s April 29, 1994 concert at La Cigale in Paris. Newly remixed by Michael Hunter, it includes a performance of Brave in its entirety.

Side One
1. “Bridge”
2. “Living With The Big Lie”
3. “Runaway”
Side Two
1. “Goodbye To All That”/“Wave”/“Mad”/“The Opium Den”/“The Slide”/“Standing In The Swing”
2. “Hard As Love”
Side Three
1. “The Hollow Man”
2. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”/“Now Wash Your Hands”
3. “Paper Lies”
Side Four
1. “Brave”
2. “The Great Escape”/“The Last Of You”/“Fallin’ From The Moon”
3. “Made Again”
Side Five
1. “River”
2. “Bridge”
3. “Living With The Big Lie”
4. “Runaway”
5. “Goodbye To All That”
Side Six
1. “Wave”
2. “Mad”
3. “The Opium Den”
4. “The Slide”
5. “Standing In The Swing”
6. “Hard As Love”
Side Seven
1. “The Hollow Man”
2. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”
3. “Now Wash Your Hands”
4. “Paper Lies”
Side Eight
1. “Brave”
2. “The Great Escape”/“The Last of You”/“Fallin’ From the Moon”
3. “Made Again”
Side Nine
1. “Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)”
2. “Slàinte Mhath”
3. “No One Can”
4. “Sympathy”
5. “Easter”
Side Ten
1. “Garden Party”
2. “Waiting to Happen”
3. “Hooks in You”
4. “The Space…”