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Format: CD/Blu-Ray
Artist: Marillion
Availability: 21-06-2024
CatNo: 0219346EMU-0219614EMU
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Marillion An_Hour_Before_Its_Dark_Live 2CD_Blu-ray

A bundle of the 2CD and Blu-Ray versions of An Hour Before It's Dark: Live in Port Zelande 2023 by Marillion.

1. Be Hard On Yourself
2. Reprogram The Gene
3. Only A Kiss (Instrumental)
4. Murder Machines
5. The Crow And The Nightingale
6. Sierra Leone
7. Care
1. Estonia
2. Afraid Of Sunlight
3. Go!
4. The Space
5. Zeparated Out
Full Live Show including Encores with Stereo (96kHz/24bit PCM) and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (96 kHz/24 bit)