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Artist: Marillion
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Marillion fear cd
Marillion's eighteenth studio album, features 5 tracks - consisting of 17 parts - and the feeling within the band that it may be their best and most ambitious work ever. 
F E A R sees the band taking on big themes - The New Kings looks at the ravening beast that modern capitalism seems to have evolved into, El Dorado examines the notions of political entitlement and the
modern challenges for the UK, and The Leavers examines the impact of a transient life on the road for those constantly waving goodbye. 
The job is simple, says Hogarth, "We use the amazing privilege of having both a platform and an audience to encourage people to look in the mirror and ask themselves the big questions - by doing just that ourselves." 
CD in digipak.
1. El Dorado (i) Long-Shadowed Sun
2. El Dorado (ii) The Gold
3. El Dorado (iii) Demolished Lives
4. El Dorado (iv) F E A R
5. El Dorado (v) The Grandchildren of Apes
6. Living in F E A R
7. The Leavers (i) Wake Up in Music
8. The Leavers (ii) The Remainers
9. The Leavers (iii) Vapour Trails in the Sky
10.The Leavers (iv) The Jumble of Days
11.The Leavers (v) One Tonight
12.White Paper
13.The New Kings (i) Fuck Everyone and Run
14.The New Kings (ii) Russia's Locked Doors
15.The New Kings (iii) A Scary Sky
16.The New Kings (iv) Why Is Nothing Ever True?
17.The Leavers (vi) Tomorrow's New Country