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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mansun
CatNo: KSCOPE1232
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The Dead Flowers Reject was Mansun's alter-ego album recorded at the same time as the experimental Six
The album - insurance should the label reject Six - featured a marginally less eccentric selection of songs and a more conventional sequencing approach. 
"The Dead Flowers Reject could be thought of as the fourth Mansun album... I think the record [had it come out] would probably have been my favourite Mansun album: it's the closest to how we played live.” - Paul Draper
Previously only available as a bootleg, this hidden treasure received a limited edition RSD 2020 vinyl release and also featured in the 25th Anniversary box set Closed For Business.
Vinyl edition.
Mansun were one of the most iconic and innovative British bands of the late 90s. Having signed to the legendary record label Parlophone (home to The Beatles, Radiohead and Sigur Ros) they released four albums - Attack of the Grey Lantern (1997), Six (1998), Little Kix (2000) and the compilation Kleptomania following the band’s split – as well as a popular and now rare series of EPs. 
Kscope, having acquired this impressive catalogue, are running a thorough reissue series that delves into a treasure trove of previously unreleased audio and visual material, including the much-awaited 21st-anniversary remaster of their experimental Top 10 album Six, which jumped back into the UK charts in 2019 reaching #1 in the Vinyl chart.
1. What It's Like To Be Hated [3:21]
2. GSOH [1:21]
3. Been Here Before [4:07]
4. When The Wind Blows [4:47]
5. Can't Afford To Die [2:47]
6. Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis [2:58]
7. I Care [3:37]
1. King Of Beauty [4:51]
2. But The Trains Run On Time [3:34]
3. Check Under The Bed [4:02]
4. I Deserve What I Get [3:37]
5. Railings [5:51]