Price: £29.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mansun
CatNo: KSCOPE1201_del
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Mansun Before_The_Grey_Lantern Vinyl Kscope Paul_Draper RSD
A comprehensive collection of Mansun's pre-Attack of the Grey Lantern era A and B-Sides released on LP for the first time for Record Store Day 2023.
Included in the compilation is Take It Easy Chicken (1995 original self-released version), the band’s first ever single and a song Mansun famously closed sets with, right up until they disbanded in 2003. Elsewhere, stand-out moments include tracks from the bands One, Two, Three, Four and Five EPs, and b-sides from the Stripper Vicar and Wide Open Space singles. 
1. Take It Easy Chicken (1995 version) (1995 original self released version) [04:24] 
2. Flourella [04:26] 
3. The Greatest Pain [03:53] 
4. The Edge [03:16] 
5. Rebel Without A Quilt (2018 Remaster) [04:09] 
6. No One Knows Us [03:41] 
7. The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail [04:40]
1. Skin Up Pin Up [03:41] 
2. Ski Jump Nose [03:42] 
3. Things Keep Falling Off Buildings [03:19] 
4. Lemonade Secret Drinker (Acoustic Version 2018 Remaster) [02:47] 
5. Drastic Sturgeon [03:26] 
6. Moronica [04:33] 
7. The Most To Gain [02:22]