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Artist: Malcolm Yelvington
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Rockin With My Baby Malcolm Yelvington CD Sun
Covering the period 1954-57, this collection gathers together all of Yelvington's Sun recordings including alternate takes, unreleased masters and home demos.
Although he only saw two singles released on Sun, Malcolm Yelvington nonetheless made his mark at Sam Phillips' label. In many ways his sound and that of his band the Starlight Wranglers presaged Rockabilly with its catchy beat and down-home lyrics, providing a bridge between old time Country music and Rock'n'Roll - one that Phillips was quick to pick up on. Drawing upon Hillbilly Blues and Western Swing, their infectious, good time energy ensured the boys were in demand around the Memphis area.
A big man with a big heart, Malcolm Yelvington was rediscovered in later years when he performed in Europe at the height of the Rockabilly revival in the 1980s and 90s.
1. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
2. Just Rolling Along
3. Yakety Yak [alt. 2]
4. I've Got The Blues (Blues In The Bottom Of My Shoes) [alt. 2]
5. Gonna Have Myself A Ball
6. Rockin' With My Baby
7. It's Me, Baby
8. First And Last Love
9. Mr. Blues [alt. 1]
10. I Ask You To Stay [alt. 1]
11.Trumpet [alt. 3]
12. Goodbye Marie [alt. 2]
13. Goin' To The Sea
14. Let The Moon Say Goodbye
15. Yakety Yak [alt. 1]
16. I've Got The Blues (Blues In The Bottom Of My Shoes) [alt. 1]
17. Rockin' With My Baby [alt. 1]
18. It's Me, Baby [alt. 1]
19. Mr. Blues [alt. 2]
20. I Ask You To Stay [alt. 2]
21. Trumpet [alt. 1]
22. Goodbye Marie [alt. 1]
23. Rockin' With My Baby [alt. 2]
24. Trumpet [alt. 2]
25. Rockin' With My Baby [home demo]
26. It's Me, Baby [home demo]